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It's all about the Milk

Specialty Coffee such as Cappuccino, Latte and Café au Lait are still gaining in popularity. The challenges of handling fresh milk are often overlooked.

Milk is a dairy product and sanitation requirements can be overwhelming, pending on the solution you choose.

In north America, we see now cup sizes going up to 20oz. and larger for Latte and Cappuccino. That's a lot of milk that needs to be heated up in a short period of time. It's all about speed and quality !

Before buying an espresso machine, consider:

bulletHow much hot milk is required per hour (peak)
bulletBeverage delivery speed
bulletRecovery time
bulletSimultaneous steaming and brewing
bulletStaff training and turnover
bulletBarista or not
bulletCleaning and sanitizing of milk utensils
bulletMilk storage and handling
bulletConsistent quality and quality control.

At Supramatic, we have a solution for every application, addressing all issues associated with fresh milk:


Milk Systems to froth milk

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A steam wand is submerged in fresh milk held inside a stainless steel frothing pitcher. There are many degrees of automation available within this category. They are also referred to as 2-step solutions. Also referred to as 1-touch or 1-Step cappuccino solutions. The espresso machine will dispense hot foam or hot milk and espresso into the cup without having to move the cup around by the touch of 1 button.
Mostly used for self serve applications.
These are milk foaming devices that operate independently from the espresso machine. They are usually used to produce hot milk or hot foam.
bulletHow much hot milk is required per hour (peak)

We have solutions delivering as much as 60L (almost 16 gallons) of hot milk per hour.

bulletBeverage delivery speed

Ask yourself how fast would you like to execute an order of let's say 4 x 20oz. lattes to go? If you decide on a one-touch or 1-step cappuccino solution, how fast do you need to produce the beverage.

bulletRecovery time

Thanks to independent steam boilers, most of our solutions can generate continuously steam to ensure you don't end up in a jam while the machine needs to recover.

bulletSimultaneous steaming and brewing

Many low cost solutions can't even steam milk while the espresso is being brewed. All our systems have no issues with this one.

bulletStaff training and turnover

This is the hottest topic and often not understood. While one touch systems appear to be idiot proved at first, once it comes to the maintenance and sanitation tasks, most operators underestimate the challenges.

bulletBarista or not

Many operators still persist that the "show effect" or "theatre" while preparing specially beverages is an important factor in customer perception. The Barista becomes an important part of the ambiance. With the Fine Steam technology on most of our Super Automatic Espresso Machines even the novice staff can prepare drinks like the pros.

bulletCleaning and sanitizing of milk utensils

This can be a nightmare for staff to deal with. Especially on some one-step solutions, foamer heads must be taken apart and soaked in acid to break down bacteria and calcium build up inside.

Our one-step solution, the Schaerer E6Mu, features disposable foamer heads and eliminate the sanitation issue associated with fresh milk.

The easiest system to maintain and to keep clean is the 2-step approach by using the steam wand and frothing pitcher while maintaining an automated approach thanks to the Fine Steam technology.

bulletMilk storage and handling

Milk over 5°C will grow bacteria already after 3 minutes. In other words, all utensils in contact with milk, such as steam wand, stainless steel pitcher, automatic foaming devices including milk tubes must be cleaned immediately.

bulletConsistent quality and quality control.

All our solutions ensure consistent quality, independent of staff preparing the beverages. Ask yourself how you can monitor the quality.


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