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Home Machines at:


How tro order from us

Blender based smoothies and slushiess

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Create stunning ice cold smoothie beverages. Making iced drinks is easy. Use real fruits, blender base or flavored syrups. Poor over Ice. For best results use an aerated ice machine. We carry a large selection of Waring ice blenders.
Stealth Blender Q-Series Blender
Jet Tea Smoothie Blender Base
Jet Tea Logo So Many New Flavors!
Sweetbird Real Fruit Smoothies
Waring commercial Ice Blenders


Waring MX1500 Commercial Blender


Iced beverages can represent a large percentage of overall operating revenue. Increase your bottom line not only in the summer months but throughout the year.

We can help you with our large recipe manual and extensive training programs.

Some of the Jet Tea flavours we carry include:

Jet Caribbean Colada
Jet Extreme Peach
Jet Intense Green Apple
Jet Kiwi Banana
Jet Mango Mania
Jet Razz-Cranberry
Jet Strawberry Banana
Jet Strawberry Bomb
Jet Wildberry Blast
Jet Mandarin Orange Passionfruit
Jet A.P.B. (Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberry with Yerba Maté)
Jet Dairy Blend (for frappes, etc.)
Jet Soy Blend (for frappes, etc.)
Oregon Chai Original Super Concentrate

Call us for your special needs and we'll tailor a program specific to your operation.



Please note that we no longer carry the Elmeco product line.
Existing customers will still receive our service support.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Granita Machines

Increase your bottom line with the "First Class" Granita Machines by Elmeco.

The ergonomic design of the new First Class, along with its patented technologies, ensures for a smooth beverage dispensing station.

Key Features

bulletMixing system with horizontal twin blade auger
bulletLucrative Italian Design
bulletInnovative coupler, eliminating frequent replacement of auger seals, protecting the gearbox.
bulletExclusive cooling basin design at the bottom of the tank for easy cleaning and access.
bulletThe Elmeco First Class can run in 2 modes:

Cooling for cold beverages and over-night operation
for slushies and smoothies

bulletIlluminated tank lid with front and back display panel for customized POS graphics (No wires).
bulletDigital display panel for easy programming and troubleshooting, including dimmer settings for the lights.
bulletIndicators for low-level and ready mode.
bulletOptional Auto-Refill Base Tanks available.


Technical Specifications

Model FC1 FC2 FC3
Tanks 1 2 3
Tank Capacity (L) 12 12 12
Height (mm) 780 780 780
Width (mm) 240 430 620
Depth (mm) 560 560 560
Weight (kg) 31 52 64
Power (W) 500 820 950
Voltage (V) 110 110 110


Colour Range

fc-3-black.jpg (22591 bytes) fc-3-grey.jpg (22253 bytes) fc-3-green.jpg (25100 bytes) fc-3-purple.jpg (24625 bytes)
Black Grey Green Purple

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