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Specialty Coffee Recipes and Instructions



Be creative when preparing and serving specialty coffee.
Add toppings such as whipped cream, cinnamon, chocolate, nutmeg, caramel etc. 
Create exciting drinks by adding flavoured syrups.





Espresso Doppio:  Also known as a "Double Espresso".  Double the volume of  Espresso and double to volume of water (2 oz.)
Espresso Ristretto:  Also known as a "Short Espresso".  Prepare espresso as you normally would, however shorten the extraction time so there is less water dispensed.
Espresso Lungo:  Also known as a "Long Espresso".   A long espresso is a single shot espresso topped up with 1 oz of water.  For a Double Lungo use a double shot of espresso topped with 2 oz of water.
Americano:  Prepare espresso as you normally would, then top up  with 5 oz of hot water . 


Made from  dark roasted coffee beans.  A single Espresso usually  measures approximately  1 oz.  The espresso should be crowned with a gold coloured froth called "crema".






Basic Cappuccino:  This variation is most common in North America.  Consists of 1/3 Espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foamed milk.  Foam milk as per proper foaming technique.  Use spoon to hold foam in foaming g pitcher and pour steamed milk in your serving glass.  Then spoon  milk foam on top.  Then brew the espresso directly into the serving glass.  This creates a layered effect .  If your serving glass is too large to fit underneath your brewing head, brew espresso into a separate vessel , then pour into the serving glass.  Many garnish with Cinnamon,  powdered or shaved chocolate.


A Classic Cappuccino is made with  1-1/2 oz of  Espresso topped with 2-3 oz of foamed milk.  The "Basic Cappuccino" is more common in North America.



Café Latte



The Café Latte is of Italian origin.  Do not mistake it for Café Au Lait which is the French version using strong drip brewed coffee and steamed milk.


Basic Café Latte:  Steam milk and fill a latte mug. (Preferably glass).  Prepare the Espresso as you normally would and dispense into the steamed milk.  If your serving cup does not fit under your brewing head, brew espresso into  a separate vessel and then pour into the steamed milk.  Many garnish with a Cinnamon stick or Chocolate.  Adding flavour syrups is also popular.
Also known as
Café Con Leche



Espresso Macchiato



Prepare espresso as you normally would.  Foam milk using proper technique.  Spoon a dollop or two of foam onto the top of the espresso.


Latte Macchiato:  Pour  1/3 cold milk into a tall glass.  Pour 1/3 hot milk  into glass and top with hot foamed milk.  Slowly pour fresh brewed espresso through the foam.  If you cannot brew directly into the glass, brew espresso into a separate vessel and pour into the glass.
Espresso Con Panna:  Prepare espresso as you normally would.  Top with a dollop or two of whipped cream.  Garnish to taste.



Café au Lait


Pressure Brewed Coffee

Originated in France.    Milder version of the Café Latte from Italy.
Brew half cup of strong
coffee into an open-mouthed mug and add half cup of steamed milk.  You may top with foamed milk.


Due to brewing under high pressure, only aroma is extracted leaving behind unwanted acids in the grinds.
The gold coloured crema preserves the aroma and holds all the aroma (oil).


Specialty Coffee Recipes and Instructions



Café Mocha



Mochaccino:  A single shot of espresso mixed to taste with chocolate syrup.  Add 1/3 steamed milk and top with 1/3 foamed milk as in a Cappuccino.  Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and garnish with powdered or shaved chocolate.

Hot Chocolate:  Steam milk as you would for latte and add chocolate syrup to taste.  Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup or powder.


A single espresso poured into a tall glass filled with steamed milk to which a spoonful of chocolate syrup is added.  Top with a dollop of whipped cream if desired.  Garnish with shaved chocolate or coffee beans.



Iced Cappuccino



Pour one shot of freshly brewed espresso over ice and add 1/3 cold milk.  Spoon 1/3 foamed milk on top.  Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.


Iced Mochaccino:  Pour one shot of freshly brewed espresso over ice and add chocolate syrup to taste.   Fill with cold milk.  Top up with foamed milk.  Top with whipped cream.  Garnish with chocolate syrup.



Some other common Espresso Lingo


o Breve: Short for Espresso Breve. Espresso with half-n-half or semi-skimmed milk.
o Caffè Freddo: Chilled espresso in a glass, sometimes with ice.
o Dry: No steamed milk (just foamed milk).
o Latteccino: A latte with more froth or a cappuccino with more milk (take your pick).
o Quad: Four shots, a double-double, in other words.
o Skinny: If you want a latte made with non-fat or skim milk, just say you want it "skinny."
o Triple: Three shots, for those for whom a double just doesn't offer enough of a jolt.
o Wet: No foamed milk (steamed milk only).


Frothing and Steaming Milk Techniques



If the nozzle is too far away from the milk, bubbles will form.

Lower the pitcher as the foam level increases to maintain the pull.


The steam will shut off automatically if the model Junior or Power Steam is used.

For other models use a thermometer and do not scaled the milk.

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