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Please note Thermoplan no longer Manufacturs the

Hot Milk, Foam and Whipping Cream Dispensers

We still carry Spare parts and can Support our Customers

Whipping Cream Dispensers

Can one think of everything?

Especially of new ideas. Because that's the only way to continue perfecting our successful products. The finest example is the s'WHIPPER. Its predecessor is the Star among cream whipping machines. It wasn't easy to improve. But we succeeded. Thanks to new ideas.

The Thermoplan s'WHIPPER at a glance:

Finest cream quality
Complete food cycle is refrigerated at 5 C
Cream taken directly from original packaging
Container holds two or five litres of fresh whipped cream
Automatic portioning and temperature display
Simple push button operation
Continuous dispensing
Compact housing: only 170 mm width
Simple automatic cleaning assistance
Container for cleaning fluid included in delivery
Connection to other dispensing equipment is possible

Above all, the machine must be simple to operate. That is why the exclusive models
have a display for cream temperature and portioning is operated either manually,
automatically or continuously.


Cleaning is simple

Save time: simply pour water and cleaning fluid into the container that comes with the s'WHIPPER. Then start the automatic cleaning assistance at a push of a button.
No need to take the machine apart, no time-consuming cleaning.

The Whipper can hold most milk carton or milk jug formats

Technical Data
Volume cream container 2 l
Output 1 Litre in 45 seconds
Refrigeration <5C at up to 32C ambient temperature
Voltage 115 VAC / 60 Hz or 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Integrated cleaning program yes
Weight 29 kg
Manufacturer/Brand: Thermoplan
Made in Switzerland

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