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Coffee ART Plus

Fine Steam

The Coffee Art is the ultimate blend between performance and design. With the exception of its outer panels and bean hoppers, the machine is the same as the renowned Ambiente. A new feature called Finesteam allows even a novice to create perfectly finished espresso beverages. The Coffee Art's aesthetic design is ideal for high visibility venues, medium to high volume restaurants and specialty coffee shops. The machine's 421 mm (17 inches) footprint saves valuable counter space.
Start with Milk

Before buying an espresso machine, consider the challenges of handling fresh milk. After all, milk is a dairy product. As such, pay attention to cleaning and sanitation requirements.

bulletWhat will be the peak hourly demand on hot milk ?
bulletHow to prepare milk beverages, 1-step or 2-step Barista style ?
bulletCan the staff clean and maintain 1-step automatic foaming devices ?
bulletIs future menu growth and system flexibility important ?
We can help you find the right milk solution for your specific needs.
- Fast and Consistent -
The Coffee Art's automated grinding, tamping and dispensing system ensures consistent shot quality for the freshest taste possible. The machine's 6kW Steam Boiler generates a powerful continuous supply of steam, heating up 1 liter (32oz) of milk in 1 minute. The boiler recovers while it steams which avoids valuable downtime. Dual boilers allow for simultaneous milk steaming and espresso dispensing.
- Fresh from Bean to Cup -
The machine grinds the beans freshly for each individual shot, creating the finest flavor in every cup. Shot parameters such as water quantity, extraction time, the amount of coffee to be ground, and the pre-brewing process can be set for custom flavor profiles to suit every taste. The Coffee Art's two Bean Hoppers each hold up to 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) of whole beans. Two separate integrated grinders make regular and decaf shots from the same machine.
- User Friendly -

Pushbutton operation makes the Coffee Art simple and easy to use. The clear digital display reduces training time and chances for error. The adjustable dispensing spout accommodates various cup sizes. With 12 programmable selections the Coffee Art can support a full size coffee house menu. A five minute automated cleaning cycle makes daily maintenance easy.

Easy to clean -
A five minute automated cleaning cycle makes daily maintenance easy.  
Absolutely no limitations on your capabilities with 3 milk steaming/frothing solutions to suit your specific needs:
The MicroSteam Wand enables full control over the consistency of the foamed milk. This solution is perfect for staff that are able to pour Latte Art. Take full control over your milk, the way you're used to.
With the AutoSteam option there is no need to attend the espresso machine. The milk temperature is monitored and the Steam Wand shuts off at the correct milk temperature.
Prepare Barista Style beverages without training. With the Finesteam feature, the Coffee Art allows anyone to create thick, rich, dense cappuccino foam with multiple milk types. At the push of a button, the Steam Wand automatically infuses milk with air and steam to deliver rich, creamy foam every time. The Steam Wand's temperature probe with auto shut-off guarantees consistent, accurate milk temperature every time. Take the Art out of the Barista, Hands Free !
The double spout is adjustable in hight from 65mm to 175mm (2.5" to 6.8")
The bean hoppers can hold 1kg (2.2 lbs) of coffee beans. They can be easily removed for cleaning.
The ART comes standard as a 7 Button panel.

Ask us for optional button configurations to suit your needs.

The picture shows the optional 16 button panel with 2 additional steam buttons.

The ART comes standard in black. There are 3 more optional colours to chose from:
Black Blue Bronze Silver
Dimensions in mm


Receptacle type: NEMA L6-30R
250VAC, 30 Amp, single phase
3 Prong twist-lock
Breaker panel: 30 Amp dedicated circuit
Actual maximum load: 24 Amps

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