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Training Programs

Are you starting a new business or do you have training needs for your staff? We can help you in customized training programs to suit your needs. You may also pick from our 2 standard programs that are available in our facility:

1. Barista Training

This course is designed for staff that are preparing specialty coffee on traditional espresso machines (just let us know what type of equipment you're using). It will give your staff an insight of coffee history, where the coffee comes from all the way to serving and presentation of the product.

We understand the needs of trainers who teach the art of perfect espresso to train baristas around the world. This is why we have created a comprehensive Barista Training Pack with flexibility for use in cafes and restaurants as well as coffee schools and barista schools.

The Perfect Espresso Barista Training Pack contains the following products:

bullet CONVERSATION: A barista's guide to questions about espresso
bullet DICTIONARY: A barista's guide to the language of espresso
bullet RECIPES: A barista's guide to popular espresso beverages
bullet TROUBLESHOOTING: A barista's guide to common espresso problems.
bullet TRAINING CHARTS: Perfect for Barista classroom training.

Barista Training Tool Kit


bulletCoffee History

Find out if the coffee cherry was first used to make coffee, tea or wine...


bulletWhat is Coffee

Learn where and how coffee is grown. The difference between beans and how coffee is processed in the various regions.


bulletCoffee Lingo

An introduction and overview of the endless coffee glossary.


bulletRoasting and Blending

Get hands on experience in roasting. We will actually roast a couple of different batches. Learn the importance of the correct roast to match your needs.



We will cup (the method of tasting different characteristics of coffee) different blends, origins and roasts including the ones we just roasted earlier.


bulletCoffee Brewing Variables

Get to know the influence and importance of all the brewing variables such as Water, Coffee, Grind, Brew Method, Sanitation, and Presentation.


bulletCoffee Extraction

Learn how some of the desired and not so pleasant substances and minerals of coffee are extracted and how to control them.


bulletThe Perfect Shot

Gain hands-on experience on how to pull the perfect espresso, the "God Shot". Learn how to calibrate all the variables such as grind, temperature and tamp to get the right extraction. 



After all, milk is a dairy product and requires special attention, mostly overlooked by operators. Sanitation and storage plays an important role. Learn the art of frothing and steaming  milk for cappuccino and latte.


bulletSpecialty Coffee Menu

Let's explore some exciting specialty coffee menus and go wild on preparing them.



Last but not least, the way the beverage is presented to your customer will make your specialty coffee operation succeed or fail.


bulletEquipment Maintenance

Too often unnecessary service calls are placed due to poor maintenance and up keeping of the equipment. We will teach how easy it is to maintain the equipment to secure the optimum uptime of your profit centre.



Well, we want to make sure you paid attention while you were at our facility and ensure you'll be able to satisfy the coffee connoisseurs waiting at your table for that specialty coffee they just ordered from you.


bulletTraining Material

You will walk away with great confidence along with training documentation, a Barista Video and Booklet, a resource directory and a Diploma.

Barista Training Tool Kit


2. Coffee Management

This course is designed for the new business entrepreneur or managers that are responsible for coffee operations and need to  improve the bottom line. Get insights into what's hot and what's not. Canadian Coffee Statistics and Marketing Data will help you in designing your business plan or improve your existing operation by adjusting several factors.
bulletBarista Training

This includes a short version of the course as outlined above.


bulletCanadian Coffee Drinking Habits

66% of adult Canadians are drinking coffee every day. Find out how to benefit from a wide range of coffee marketing data.


bulletAnalyzing the Coffee Profit Centre

Let's take a look at the profit margins and find out how to gain market share in a sector most consider saturated.


bulletWhat are you selling? And to whom?

The key is to know the customer and then make decisions based on what they want. Again, a wide range of marketing data helps in adjusting the menu offering.


bulletChoosing the right Coffee equipment

Learn about all the different brewing methods and equipment available and what they can do for the coffee operation.


bulletQuality Assurance

A wide selection of forms will help you monitor the success of the coffee profit centre including staff training procedures.



Well, coffee has one of the highest profit margins. We will explore some great promotional techniques and a step-by-step guide for designing a promotion.


bulletKeep Learning

Even though coffee was discovered 100's of years ago, today's coffee business requires constant adjustments to keep up with trend changes.


bulletTraining Material

You will walk away with great confidence along with training documentation, a Barista Video and Booklet, a resource directory, marketing data and various pre-printed forms to help you in your business planning and coffee centre daily operation.


bulletBarista Training and Championship

You can also visit our friends at the Coffee Expo for more opportunities and training material:





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