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Since 1880 WMF has dealt with the preparation of coffee. The first WMF large coffee machine originates from the year 1927. A vast number of groundbreaking innovations followed when WMF purchased Schaerer.

WMF 2000S

WMF 2000S

  • The WMF 2000 S is the answer to a medium demand with a daily capacity of up to 200 cups, this capacity can also be released within 1 hr. Therefore it fills the gap between presto! and bistro!. Thus, any requirement can be satisfied with the WMF product range.

    The WMF 2000 S is a fully automatic coffee machine with a high beverage quality and a large variety of coffee specialities. It meets the market requirements for enhanced milk-based beverage output, faster preparation times and true barista-style specialities.

    With the WMF 2000 S, coffee specialities with milk can be prepared as usual fully automatically. However, milk foam can also be prepared controlled by a sensor via the steam wand in three qualities: fine, superfine and standard.


  • Perfect Coffee Specialities: From espresso to chociatto, the WMF 2000 S does everything simply at the touch of a button and all in perfect quality. (One Step and Dual Milk model)
  • One Foam for all Purposes: Using the milk foam buttons, it is possible to select three different qualities of milk foam. (Steam Milk and Dual Milk model)
  • Milk Foam Quality "Superfine": With this extremely dense foam with a shiny, creamy consistency, even tricky latte art creations turn out well (with the necessary skill!). (Steam Milk and Dual Milk model)
  • Milk Foam Quality "Fine": This milk foam is the right choice for cappuccino, etc. (Steam Milk and Dual Milk model) Milk Foam Quality "Standard" This is for a voluminous milk foam for extra-large quantities and layered products. Typical product: latte macchiato. (Steam Milk and Dual Milk model)
  • Milk Foam with "Barista Feeling": Milk foam and hot milk can be prepared via the steam wand with the traditional steam sound, but with automatic cut-off. (Steam Milk and Dual Milk model)
  • Extra Hot Milk... ...can be prepared at up to 85 °C via the steam wand by continuously pressing the corresponding milk button. (Steam Milk and Dual Milk model)
  • Quality Management: For espresso, after the initial extraction there is a preinfusion and postextraction; café crème, on the other hand, is brewed directly. Factors like these are stored in 5 quality levels, freely selectable for each coffee.
  • Plug & Clean: The patented, optionally available Plug & Clean milk cleaning system effortlessly cleans all parts in contact with milk.
  • Auxiliary Units... ...such as cup racks, milk coolers, vending units or the new paper cup dispenser make the WMF 2000 S a team player – also in self-service use.
  • LED Colour Features:

    You can set the LED side panel lights to any colour to match the mood. From white to blue to red.


    WMF Model# 03.1700.3009

    •Recommended daily average output +/- 80 cups
    •Recommended cup sizes 8/10/12/16/20oz
    •2 grinders (Regular & Decaf)
    •Steam wand (AutoSteam)
    •208V, 30 Amperes

    •2 grinders & 1 powder hopper version
    Model# 03.1700.3008
    Special order model*

    WMF Model# 03.1700.0039

    •Recommended daily average output +/- 80 cups
    •Recommended cup sizes 8/10/12/16/20oz
    •2 grinders (Regular & Decaf)
    •1 powder hopper
    •Plug & Clean
    •208V, 30 Amperes

    •2 grinders (Regular & Decaf) version
    Model# 03.1700.0040
    Special order model*

    •Refrigeration unit required for fresh milk (see Coolers & Accessories for pricing)

    WMF Model# 03.1700.5032

    •Dual (1-Step or 2-Step)
    •Recommended daily average output +/- 80 cups
    •Recommended cup sizes 8/10/12/16/20oz
    •2 grinders (Regular & Decaf)
    •1 powder hopper
    •Steam wand (AutoSteam)
    •Plug & Clean
    •208V, 30 Amperes

    •2 grinders (Regular & Decaf) version
    Model# 03.1700.5033
    Special order model*

    •Refrigeration unit required for fresh milk (see Coolers & Accessories for pricing)



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