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SupraMatic brings you a large selection of Commercial Super Automatic and Traditional Espresso Machines. This is your one-stop resource directory for Coffee and Specialty Coffee matters.    

Espresso Machines

Super Automatics
Espresso and Coffee Grinders

Coffee Makers

Commercial Bunn Commercial Fetco  
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Home use

Home use
Espresso Machines
Home use
Coffee Makers
Izzo Alex PID HX Espresso Machine  Bonavita BV1800TH Stainless Steel Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe - In-Stock and Ready to Ship!  
Non Powered Sugar, Milk and Cream Dispensers
Slimm sugar dispenser Sugar dispenser Milk & cream dispenser
Portion controlled slim line crystal sugar dispenser Portion controlled crystal sugar dispenser


Refrigerated Milk and Cream dispenser


Powered Sugar, Milk and Cream Dispensers
SugarShot by SureShot Granular Sugar Dispensers SugarShot by SureShot Granular Sugar Dispensers IntelliShot by SureShot Liquid Dispensers
Portion controlled manual crystal sugar dispenser Portion controlled crystal sugar dispenser


Portion controlled Refrigerated Milk and Cream dispenser


Coffee Vending Machines
Coming Soon
Table Top Coffee Roaster
Home Use

Table Top Home Roaster

Commercial Use
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Commercial use table top roaster
Pro 1500
Stand-Alone Cappuccino Solutions
Foamino 2.5L Hot Milk Foamer
Foamer 5 L Hot Milk Foamer
Other Products and Services
Coffee Carts Mini Refrigerator Granita Machines
Need a Cart? Stand-Alone Fridge
Still got your milk carton sitting in an ice bucket ??
Granita Machines
Increased profits with Smoothies and Slushies
Office Coffee Catering Water Treatment

Office Coffee Service

Specialty Coffee Bar Catering

Water Purification
Cleaning Supplies Coffee Store Merchandise
Cleaning Supplies Premium Coffee Beans Bean-Team Canada Dolls


Brew Facts
Brew Facts

North American Premier..

New Schaerer Coffee Prime
with Single Step Cappuccino Capability and disposable foamer heads technoloy

bulletShow Room

Please visit our Show Room on
1020 Brevik Place; Unit 2
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 4N7 - Canada

(on east side of Tomken, one Block North of Matheson)

Toll Free: 1-877-GoLatte (465-2883)
Local: 905-279-3666

We carry the largest selection of jura, capresso, krups, solis, saeco, (also known as estro), LaSpaziale (La Spaziale), schaerer, wmf, wittenborg, zanussi, necta, super automatic and traditional espresso machines in Canada.

A variety of other appliances such as the alpenröst (alpenrost) table top roaster (real drum roaster), saeco burr coffee bean grinders, (also known as disc or conical burr grinders) saeco cappuccino filter drip coffee maker. Sometimes we may also have used and demo espresso machines on display. A small selection of Bloomfield filter drip urn coffee makers are also available including thermal gravity servers.

If you're looking for any espresso machine accessories such as portafilter (porta filter handle), pod adapters, pod system, pods, coffee and espresso pouches, or other merchandise, call us.

While there are other espresso machine manufacturers such as faema, cafina, melitta, gaggie, franke, miele, briel, la-pavoni, la marzocca, delonghi, elektra, thermoplan, unique, rex royal, egro, egri, phillips, la cimbali, turmix, rancilio, nova simonelli, francis, hearthware, pasquini, wmf, we believe we selected the finest espresso machines available in the market today for you to explore.

Many espresso machine manufactures are spelled wrong such as, gagia, gaga, sollis, scharer, la pavoni, lapavoni, philips, simoneli, mellita, melita, rancillio,  alpenrost, alpenroast,

The endless list of available espresso maker models within each manufacturers espresso machine line-up include foamino, foamer, syncrony, italcrem, futurmat, classic, tebe, carezza,  master, top, master pro, 5000, crema, sl90, sl70, maestro, opal, otto, romantica,  vitrifrigo, orchestro, crystal, palatino, epg, epc, pg, pc, x1, x2, x3,  livia, s24, silvia, audrey, opal, aroma, via veneto, viena, deluxe, de luxe, stratos, royal digital, professional, exclusive, digital, classico, nero, nera, vienna, magic, impressa, impresa, world, XT, X70, S90, E50, E55, E70, E75, c3000, c2000, c1000, c5, ultima, coffee tec,  ambiente, art, presto, ambiente1, ambiente-2, milk blitz, euroca, euroca2, euroca-2, sm-2, sm-ii, siena, black and white,

Starting a new espresso business or increasing existing coffee revenues may involve the use of a coffee brand names such as illy espresso, starbucks, seattle's best, movenpick (mövenpick), lavazza coffee, segafredo, nespresso, nestle, of which most of them will have a franchising or licensing agreement available.

On most of the commercial espresso machines we provide financing such as leasing (lease to own), renting (also short term rentals). At any time we may feature espresso machine special sales. Rent an espresso maker from us for your wedding or trade show. We also repair some espresso machine models in-house. All the commercial espresso machines are repaired on-site.

For your office we have an office coffee service (in the yellow pages under office coffee break services, coffee brewing devices and restaurant equipment). Larger offices may benefit from our table top coffee vending machines.

Our espresso machines can be used for home use (domestic), office use or commercial use (commercial grade). Most super automatic espresso machines or cappuccino machines are made in switzerland (swiss made). However the italians also make great coffee makers (made in italy).

Home coffee roasting is on the increase. The Alpenroast table top drum coffee bean roaster is the ideal home roaster. Like wine making, coffee roasting is a exciting hobby.

Our large retail section also includes espresso machines, espresso maker, table top roaster, bean roaster, (hot air roaster), drip coffee maker, dispensers, filters, french presses by bodum and bonjour, stove top, (stovetops), latte whipper, coffee theme cotton towels, irish cream coffee glass set, espresso spoons and cups and many more gift ideas. Some of our collector designer edition espresso cups and mugs (china), are made of real porcelain, (porcelan).

Some coffee bean names include devine by movenpick. Coffee by Rost AG (rosca) include gold lux, napoli, esperanto, bollero. Custom gourmet coffee blends are our specialty,

Many operators underestimate the challenge of handling fresh milk for espresso based beverages. Too often the steam power on the espresso machine is not sufficient enough to steam and froth the required hot milk amount. On traditional espresso machines, milk is steamed by means of the steam wand. A stainless steel pitcher is usually used. We have an espresso machine available where the steam wand shuts off automatically at the correct milk temperature. Super automatic espresso machines have integrated refrigerators keeping the milk cold. Automatic frothers or foamers will automatically foam up milk for cappuccino and latte.

Espresso machine features may include, rapid steam, minimum wait, auto, shut off, cold milk, mini fridge, refrigerator, fridge, double grinders, thermo block, aluminum blocks.  Many boilers are still made of cooper. Some espresso machines and coffee makers feature boilers made of stainless steel.

We are located in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, and provide service in southern Ontario including Toronto, Peel Region, Mississauga, Etobicoke, lakeshore, Concord, North York, Oakville, Scarborough, East York, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara region.

We also carry brands such as zanussi, brio, colibri coffee vending machines. The coffee vending machines are made available by the necta vending group.

We also specialize in pressure brewed coffee. While brewing coffee can be done many different ways, each brewing method extracts the aromas and substances in coffee differently such as tannin, tannic acid, caffeine. Read more about in our section called brew facts on how to brew regular coffee on an espresso machine.

You'll find many other items such as torani syrups and flavours (flavors). We have a whole bean retail section, where we can grind our gourmet coffee beans to your requirements. Also look for our pre ground coffee tins. Sorry, but we don't carry instant coffee or tea. A selection of  estate coffee and coffee beans, as well as espresso whole beans (or custom blend) are available. By the way, espresso is not spelled expresso or xpresso.

In your cafe (café) or coffee house, you want to feature a large specialty coffee menu, including espresso, ristreto, cappuccino, cafe latte, (not late),  cafe au lait, machiato, regular, decaf, decaffeinated, granita, slushies, slushed drinks, smoothy, smoothies, iced drinks, different recipes,   moccaccino, mocha, java, moka, whole beans, latte, love, green beans,  steamers, chai tea

We can provide you with specialty coffee bar catering (bar, carts, cart) including espressomachine. Learn the secrets of brewing coffee including barista, barrista, training, instructions, how to, program, seminar,  steam wand, tips and tricks,

Our green bean selection includes organic, natural, blends, europa espresso coffee, decaf beans etc... (more to come). We also feature loose tea leafs to take home.

Many people ask us about fair traded coffee. Well, sometimes we do have it available. By the way, a pound of coffee contains more then 4,000 hand picked coffee beans (2 inside a coffee cherry). Harvesting coffee beans is very labour intensive and the whole family takes part in harvesting coffee beans.

Coffee is grown in various countries such as Columbia (Columbian coffee),  Guatemala, Brazil, (Brazilian coffee), Mexico (Mexican coffee), Kenya in Africa, (AA Grade),  Far East.  Coffee beans are differentiated by high grown, coastal grown or low altitude grown. shade grown.  Two major coffee beans are the arabica and the robusta.

Our web site features on-line shopping and shopping cart system on our secure server. We accept Visa, mastercard (master card) but not american express or discovery.

Give special attention to water quality going through the espresso machine. Use soft water but not ROI (reverse Osmosis). Water hardness over 3 gpg will shorten the live expectancy of your espresso machine. Also other substances such as bacteria and calcium need to be eliminated. Manufactures such as brita, claris  water care system, jura, everpure, durgol, urnex have the right solution. Some of them we even have in our store. We also carry espresso machine cleaning tablets, descaling, decalcifier, de-scaling, detergent, liquid, and powder.

Super automatic espresso machines do not require a knock box or bang box. Super automatic espresso machines grind, tamp the freshly ground coffee inside the cylinder / piston, brew the espresso (including pre-brewing) and discharge the used grounds into a container, all automatic. Super automatics are ideal for self service applications in lounges, stores and offices. Super automatic espresso machines are wrongly called fully automatic. Our espresso makers feature smart cards.

If you are looking for gift ideas, we have them. Stainless steel cups and mugs. Coffee and gift bags. Our exclusive coffee beanies, (beany babies), baby, cooffeenies, plush dolls. For  Christmas shopping our store is the ideal place. Coffee theme gifts are well received by most relatives and friends including loved ones. We do not carry any sex items or pictures. Coffee related presents and gift ideas including gift baskets are found inside our store. We will do gift wrapping on all our accessories and merchandise. Our retail store carries also espresso machine parts parts, thermometer, and supplies. We  repair espresso machines. Some of our products are also available for wholesale.

Further you'll find fondue and fondu sets, raclette, cheese, chocolate, and fruit fondue

We have service centres and partners in most major areas such as Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatoon, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Montréal,  Quebec, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Ottawa and many more.



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